Exablaze Code Repository

Welcome to the world of Exablaze's Open Source code. These repositories were created to allow our customers access to our drivers and tools.



Timestamp Decoder

This utility decodes the ExaLINK Fusion timestamped output stream. It can capture & decode timestamped traffic directly using an ExaNIC interface or it can load in a pcap file.


Exact Capture

Exact Capture is a high-rate, lossless packet capture solution for ExaNIC network adapters. The system is fully open source and designed for performance as well as ease of configuration. It can be used with any ExaNIC network card, and is optimised for use with ExaDISK high speed flash drives. The system can be deployed on any suitably powerful server system.


ExaNIC Software

This repository contains drivers, utilities and development libraries for Exablaze ultra-low-latency network cards (ExaNIC X2, ExaNIC X4, ExaNIC X10, ExaNIC X40, ExaNIC X25, ExaNIC V5P, ExaNIC V9P, ExaNIC GM, and ExaNIC HPT). For full installation instructions and user guide please refer to the ExaNIC User Guide.

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Equipment Slackbot

Manage shared equipment via a slack bot. Useful for a lab or anywhere a pool of shared equipment is used and you need to track down whether someone is currently using it (and who that person is).